Sunday, June 11, 2017

ACW 28mm The Battle of Groveton ( Brawner's Farm) 28th August 1862

This was the opening round of Second Manassas and using Nick's (formerly Phil's) figures I had the table ready at the moment when Stonewall Jackson turned to his Brigade Commanders behind the railway embankment and said 'Bring out your men, gentlemen'. His artillery then fired on Gibbon's Brigade!

Zouaves march past Dogan's farm on the way to Groveton.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Crusaders vs Mamluks

Unable to take the humiliation of the last defeat for Nick's Ayyubids, the gauntlet was thrown down by my Mamluks ( well my Ottomans pretending to be Mamluks) to avenge the shame of the last blog.

Phil and I were the Mamluks and Ross and Paul were the 'men of God'- and if I here Ross scream 'God Wills It!!' one more time I'm gonna throw a brick at him.

The Mamluks were almost all cavalry except for a few paltry skirmishers.
The stinky ones were a combination of Heavy Knights and solid infantry core with spear and crossbow- a deadly combination.

Mamluks and Turcopoles
On the Mamluk left I had plenty of room to dance around and gave Paul a hard time in trying to pin me down. On the right Ross managed to squash Phil and I between the table edge and his heavy infantry line-- but we had a substantial reserve that was commanded by Phil- who just at the right moment unleashed his cavalry into Ross' and Paul's infantry line......

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Crusaders vs Ayyubids - 28mm

A 28mm stoush between Ayyubids and Crusaders one evening provided some very cheap laughs at the loser's expense! It would be nice to say it was a tough battle, drawn out and close fought, but that would be lying on all three counts! Nick and I were the Ayyubid forces and Paul and Ross played the mighty Crusaders.
It was a resounding victory for the 'Men of God' as Ross calls them, the heavy Crusader nights tore thru their opponents, it was not pretty!!

The right of the Muslim force- Cavalry!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

SEVEN YEARS WAR- Prussians vs Prussians

Nick brought his beautifully painted Prussians to increase the value of my garage substantially. (doubled the value in fact!) So we also took the opportunity to play a game. A nice simple scenario, two identical forces are marching towards each other and have to capture the hills to pave the way for the main body. (the vanguard of their respective Prussian armies- yes it was Prussians vs Prussian, although Nick says the Russians are a work in progress!) 
Two Hussar Regiments, 6 Infantry battalions, 1 Cuirassier each, 1 Dragoon and two guns was the total OOB for both sides. Equal forces- it always happened historically didn't it?

The Prussian Light Cavalry leading the column. Which one? Both of course!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

D-Day Bolt Action

Spyros has one of the best terrain boards for D-Day. Built by Joe, its an amazing piece of wargames terrain and I've been hanging to give it a go!
Phil and I went to Spyros' for a game...and I forgot my camera...damn!!
So apologies to Spyros, I pinched some the pictures from his blog. Go to No Duff Gamer Blog for a full write up and lots more pics!
It was the first wave of Omaha with the German defenders giving the Americans a hard time. Full write up on Spyros' blog!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spanish vs Swiss

Nick recently bought Ralph's large Swiss army. This naturally meant that challenges were issued to all and sundry.  Some of the lads assembled in amongst the detritus of my garage to see the pike armed fanatics from central Europe take on the Catholic fanatics of south western Europe- my Spanish.

We played quite a large game and Nick fielded over 20 pike units. The Swiss were in their traditional 3 block formation with the Duke of Lorraine providing some much needed cavalry support. Nick and Ralph were the Swiss.

My Spanish, the army of Gonsalvo de Cordoba, went with his usual formation- fortifications in the field!! I also had a preponderance of cavalry and lots of very shooty types with arquebus, and some poor quality pikes. Phil and Ross joined me to command the Spanish.
The Spanish Left Flank. Jinetes, Knights and arquebus

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Army of Louis XIV vs The Grand Alliance

Four brothers assembled to fight an early 18th Century clash that had nearly all of my Louis XIV and Marlborough's army on the table. Nearly 30 Battalions per side and over 30 squadrons on each side battled it out over the course of a long hot bloody day.

The Battlefield: in the foreground to the left, the Redcoats commanded by Chris, The Prussians arriving to support. And to the right the French regiments commanded by yours truly.
The game was loosely modelled on Ramilles, one of Marlborough's great victories. On the allied side the majority of the infantry were on the right and the cavalry were in the left, representing the deployment of the armies of the day. The terrain on the allied right was very hill with a number of woods. On the extreme left a small town with the area in between a large open area of rolling fields.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Honours of War

Nick has been amassing a large Prussian army, superbly painted and ready for action. As his Seven Years War Russian army is not yet ready we decided to give a dry run of the Honours of War rules , with his Prussians engaged in 'Kriegspiel'.

2 Brigades of infantry (4 battalions each) and Brigade of cavalry and a gun battery each made for a pleasant evening as Chris and I played Paul and Nick and Ross umpired and called out the rules!
Nick was happy as his troops were on the table, and no matter what- the Prussians would win!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

American War of Independence: 53rd Regiment of Foot.

Well it's started. I'm painting landsknechts and Spanish Jinetes but I'm blogging my first AWI Unit: clearly the workings of a severely disturbed mind with multiple addictions. Don't ask why; I just saw them on eBay- bought them, rebased them and have been admiring them for the last couple of months.
The 53rd Regiment was originally raised in 1755 as the 55th Regiment. Changed to the 53rd at the end of the Seven Years War due to reductions in the regimental establishment, it sailed for Canada in 1776. It served in operations for the relief of Quebec and then joined General John Burgoyne's army advancing into New England via the Hudson Valley.

Taking part in the initial capture of Fort Ticonderoga, the 53rd was part of 'Gentleman Johnny' Burgoyne's 1st Brigade along with the 9th and 47th Regiments. The Battalion Companies were left behind to defend the fort and its outlying defences.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jinetes: Great Italian Wars Spanish Army

I bought these guys half painted on eBay- to round out my Spanish army- Now finished, based and ready to go!
Pikes: Check,
Arquebusiers: Check.
Gente d'Armas: check.
Crossbow men: check
Nearly ready to put them on the battlefield- against Ross' French!